• Consensus group

    800 consensus group

    800 consensus group

    Merry Christmas, looking for a consensus group.
    What is the consensus group? I’m looking for 800 people who would like to weigh in on any given issue. The premise here is that 800 opinions are generally, when averaged, the right answer.

    The idea. Get 800 people to guess on the close of the Dow Jones Average tomorrow, and the average guess will be very close to where the Dow will close.

    If you fill a quart jar with beans, and get 800 people to guess on how many beans are in the jar. The average will be the number of beans in the jar.

  • Hod


    DailyThis is where it begins, the online writing.

    The door to this website now open. And then to begin to peek inside.

    Dying is the spirit leaving the body. Spirit is consciousness. You can put it back. Start with the toes.

    So this day, this day to come, comes at me at a speed. And wraps around my world as I adapt. Adapt to each and every change, by harmonizing with the now. And flow from moment to moment - the mind, logic has lost its grip or ratchets up a little.

    A higher vibration, the angelic realm in sight. A higher state, one that starts out where/as we are, then follows the path to the higher realm, the higher vibration. One can be told but it won’t take. The path is walked alone. And on it there are guides to help you along the way. You are never alone, we are always one.

    Quickened, how is one quickened?

    Prayer perhaps.


    By focusing one’s attention on that high source within us, that action changes our vibration to a higher frequency.

    We are quickened, so to speak.


  • Purpose

    To bring the world out of the state of discord, into a state of harmony.

    Guitar Amy Purpose

    The Guitar Army aspires to include all the individual members of humanity, that they may join together through the universal language of music and come to celebrate Joy as their intent rather than strife.

  • Marching on the world

    Guitar Army




    Musicians around the world unite.

    Come join the Guitar Army.

    Drown out the drums of war with your music of joy.

    Call them to put down their guns and pick up a guitar.


    The Guitar Army is a thing of contagion where those who are exposed to it want to join in the drowning out the noise of dissension we hear now.


    Make music not war


    The Guitar Army seeks the foot soldiers. The private. The man in the trenches, your sisters, your brothers, your children, your parents and grandparents, the kid next-door., All over the world.


    The Guitar Army invites you to form a band - your family.

    Play music with them and come join our forces. Add your voices with those who would build a new dream of a harmonious world.


    How it works.


    Express your desire to join this movement. To add your voice to the chorus of those who seek a harmonious world.


    You'll be given a number from anyone you ask in the Guitar Army. It will be the next number of the people who have joined that line.


    Then, you'll be that number in their line/army, and number 1 in your own line/army/Band. So when someone asks you to join the Guitar Army, they'll be the next available number in your line/army and number one in their own Band ... and so on!


    Example: Jake is number 33 in my army/line/Band. Number 1 in his own band. His son is number 2 in Jakes band/line and so on.


    Your Band

    This is your choosen family.

    Hopefully it will include your blood, but the Guitar Army assumes we are all of the same blood,


    In music we join together

    in song we raise our voices and take the world to a new dream, a dream of harmony



    Ode to Joy


    Joy, beautiful spark of the gods,

    Daughter from Elysium,

    We enter, drunk with fire,

    Heavenly One, thy sanctuary!

    Your magic binds again

    What convention strictly divides;*

    All people become brothers,*

    Where your gentle wing abides.


    Who has succeeded in the great attempt,

    To be a friend's friend,

    Whoever has won a lovely woman,

    Add his to the jubilation!

    Indeed, who calls even one soul

    Theirs upon this world!

    And whoever never managed, shall steal himself

    Weeping away from this union!


    All creatures drink of joy

    At nature's breast.

    Just and unjust

    Alike taste of her gift;

    She gave us kisses and the fruit of the vine,

    A tried friend to the end.

    [Even] the worm has been granted sensuality,

    And the cherub stands before God!


    Gladly, as His heavenly bodies fly

    On their courses through the heavens,

    Thus, brothers, you should run your race,

    Joyful, like a hero going to conquest.


    You millions, I embrace you.

    This kiss is for all the world!

    Brothers, above the starry canopy

    There must dwell a loving Father.

    Do you fall in worship, you millions?

    World, do you know your creator?

    Seek him in the heavens

    Above the stars must He dwell.






    You've seen them at basket ball and foot ball games.

    When the fans look in the TV monitors and do a stand up then sit down in a sequence that makes a visual wave that travels all around the arena.


    The Wave we're putting toether is a sound wave that travels around the world.

    It goes like this:

    Every Thursday at 7pm local time, where ever you are,

    sing/play on your phone/join with those around you,

    The Od to Joy.

    the sound will move througn each time zone and tavel all around the world.

  • GuitarArmy.net

    The guitar army is about you, the individual. It’s purpose is to liberate the individual from the shackles of the lower mind/the voice of the internal dialogue/– by redirecting one’s attention Into music as it is a conduit to Joy in the individual.



    The guitararmy.net should be an organism of consensus, that is it should be a way to establish consensus.

    We’re all to join together in the cause of joy, to take humanity to a state of joy, to use Music, a known conduit to Joy. That communication chain could be used as a means of organizing consensus. The collective will of those on the path to Joy.

  • Music is the universal language

    The language spoken all over the world by every civilization. Everyone knows a musician. Everyone is a musician. Everyone is a singer. If we link together with a common voice if we share with our fellow musicians the dream of peace we can bring the world to peace A new Harmony. Do your part. ask five of your fellow musicians to join the Guitar Army and from each of the five ask them to bring five more. Soon we will sing as a single voice the single Corus around the world and pursue the dream of a new Harmony


    What is the length of day at the equator? I recently told a friend with great certainty that at the equator the sun rose and set at exactly 12 hour intervals at roughly 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. (depending on the time zone) every day of the year. Now I'm not so sure.

    You're right. It is always exactly 12 hours. There are a couple of different ways you can convince yourself that this is so, but I think the easiest one is this symmetry argument:

    In the Northern Hemisphere, the length of the day is longer during the months when the North Pole is tilted towards the Sun and shorter during the months when it's tilted away from the Sun. The reverse is true for the Southern Hemisphere. The Equator is exactly halfway in between the poles. So it wouldn't make any sense for a day on the equator to be longer when one of the poles is tilted towards the Sun, and shorter when the other one is.

  • How to join the Guitar Army

    Anyone can join,

    everyone is the singer.

    All you have to do is

    text your name

    With a picture of your shield perhaps and phone number

    Or website



  • People of the world


    People of the World

    Would love your help. If you could stream some version of Ode to Joy, Thursday Evenings Around  Sundown, preferably you playing or singing it hopefully with at least one friend and perhaps a whole band.

    Stream it live on Facebook., And get everyone you know to do the same, who knows, It could be pretty fun.


    The Wave of Joy will originate during sunset at the International Date Line.

    It will travel West around the world, with the setting sun.



    People of the World

    Would love your help. If you could stream some version of Ode to Joy, Thursday Evenings Around  Sundown, preferably you playing or singing it hopefully with at least one friend and perhaps a whole band.

    Stream it live on Facebook., And get everyone you know to do the same, who knows, It could be pretty fun.


    The Wave of Joy will originate during sunset at the International Date Line.

    It will travel West around the world, with the setting sun.


  • World Peace 

    World Peace

    World Peace
    If you will Share this Post you will have pushed the world closer to world peace
    Because everyone who embraces and communicates this idea adds their voice to those who would stand up for, vote for, request from their leaders, world peace. That we all, the world over, put down our guns and pick up a guitar.
    When everyone shares this document, and embraces the cause of the guitarArmy.net World Peace, the sound of singing for joy will roll around the world every Thursday night at 7 PM local time

    The central GuitarArmy.net theme is this: that music is the Universal Language. It is at the core of all of us. In each of us it is the conduit to joy. If we the people of the world link together under the banner of music and the joy it brings, we may redirect the focus of the world away from strife and towards creating joy

    The interview with Kate MacLeod will be a discussion of what musicians as a world presence can do in guiding the world dream.
    and, if they spoke/sang with a single or unified voice, could they improve the direction of the current dream we're in.

  • This Thursday Nights Lineup

    This weeks

    Joy Riders

    Dave Buranak

    Kelly Dobitz

    And the mystery guests

    The GuitarArmy

    4 PM on till close

    kokopelli's koffee House

    3955 S Highland Dr
    Holladay, Utah 84124

    acoustic jam

    Bring a song if you've got one

    we'll back you up


    bring a song.

    If everyone celebrated Joy on Thursday Evening at sunset where ever You/they are,

    then a wave of joy would travel around the world every Thursday at sunset

  • Thursday night review


    February 16, 2018



    Heather was manning the boat at Kokapelli‘s last night for the Joy Jam.


    JoAva,/manager/the daughter of the owner, the one we arranged the jam with, spent the evening with her granddaughter, and left the establishment in the good hands of Heather. She was expecting The jam.


    I was detained, called Heather, she said she’d call me when someone got their . Lin Ostler came around 515 or so. Sat and enjoyed the place, but no musicians were about, and Heather didn’t know she was there for the jam, or she would have put her on the phone to me.

    Lauren Nebeker came around six, Lynn had already left.

    Dave Branick had committed to come over and lead the jam. I told him I’d set it up with JoAva for, from 4 PM to 8 PM, the idea being that we’d then be able to catch the sunset through the fine west windows at Kokopelli’s.

    Dave pointed out, that he thought jam should go from 630 till 930 or 10, because then people could come home from work, then come over.

    The problem has been that the proprietors want to close early, 830 at Feldman’s, and that that is about the time things really get started. Kokopelli’s was open to staying open later, if the business was there, if the folks were there jamming.

    Kokopelli’s is a terrific place for an acoustic jam.

    Dave Buranak a.k.a. the Reverend, has a regular Sunday at three jam. Very cool, a lot of great players come.

    The hope was another jam, could be generated on Thursday sunset for the GuitarArmy.net for those who love to play, they could come and participate. A place to have a congenial celebration of joy every Thursday evening, that could last as long as it wanted and accommodate whoever would like to come and share their music acoustically. No stage. No performance. Participatory music. The purpose of the guitarArmy.net, to get folks doing the music.

    So Dave shows up around 615, meantime JoAva has text me, says no one‘s come, guess I’ll have Heather close at the regular time. 6 PM.

    Dave’s now arrives Kokopelli’s, I’m talking to him on the phone, tells me there’s no one there, and he’s going to take off. And there were going to close. Dave leaves. Heather closes.

    I get a call from Christy Stolworthy, she’s there outside the closed Kokopelli’s. She suggests that we do a group thing on Facebook to streamline communications, great idea, will do it.

    630 Michael Feldman texts me. Says, I’m here at Kokopelli’s, the place is shut down nothing is happening.

    Mia Kulpa. Would love to See Kokopelli’s accommodate the sun set jam on Thursday evenings. It would be good for Kokopelli’s and good for those who come to play. I cannot always be there, but if we can get it going, someone would always be there.

    My apologies to those of you who came for the jam, and were disappointed. I hope you’ll give it another try, I’ll try harder to set it up so that it’s more inviting.




    “The Army of Two article was awesome. Now i understand what you are doing and will try to record something.


    Damn hippies. If anyone sings Kumbayah i'm out of here.”


    We got this review from Long Island Dave though he currently resides in Washington.

    Well the truth of it for me is, that it was a struggle.

    Wrestling match, but of course, that’s why we do it!

    The difficulty I believe, boils down to amplification. The futile and every difficult task of trying to bring the volume dynamic into some reasonable focus.

    The answer I think, maybe the cell phone. Where we somehow are all in Stream live mode, then each could play along with what they are hearing on their phone, and balance their personal volume in accordance with the volume at which they’ve set their phone.

    I believe I will try performing with my phone on live streaming, facing The phone outward looking at the world as it appears to me.


    Ann Kelly Wright started the show singing love brother Diana. It was really quite beautiful, as is she, and is quite sufficient Unto herself.

    Dave Buranak was a massive help,He sang some great songs while we did the PA wrangle.


    Kim brought her Drum and a big powered PA speaker. A lot of work, she set it up, and did some great drummer.

    Bob Dentilman, Bobby D charmed us as always.


    What we learned.!


    With the gravitational axis, we have imaginary line that runs through the center of the earth, and through the center of you.

    December 21, 2017

    Kelly Dobitz was fantastic, but he always is, what a great energy to be around. Thanks for coming Kelly and sharing yourself with us.


    John England played some originals songs about how we could do better, build a better dream. Very nice.


    Bob Bland was delightful with his Trump parody,, can’t wait to hear it again..


    Hod, that’s me, I started a couple of songs, but they didn’t come to much. I was too distracted running around trying to figure out how to stream on Facebook


    John Russel really got it right with early morning rain. great Sound filled the place his acoustic guitar is matchless.


    Ann Kelly Wright charmed us with an original about sugarhouse, the old days the way used to be, before they turned it into a strip mall. Hope we get to see more of her.


    Marv Hamelton shared a song from his second album, Stop making veterans. Great song, great point. Thank you Marv, you made the evening for me.


    Mike Feldman started the evening with blues, and his featured new song, down the barrel of a gun. Great host great evening, thank you Michael you get the best of show award.